About Us

King Container Transport Pty Ltd is based in Sydney, Australia. Over a short period of time, the company has established itself as a reputable and a dependable company within the trucking and logistics industries.

Our company started off with only a few trucks, now we own and operate a large fleet of fully maintained vehicles. We can handle all your container transportation needs whether it is a one-off delivery or an ongoing, large volume of containers.

Our mission is to provide flexible and efficient trucking solutions to our highly valued customers at cost effective rates. We are working on developing our position as a major transport player in the Sydney market by continuously invest in people, haulage vehicles, facilities, equipment and technologies.

King Container Transport is committed to attracting and retaining high quality staff and drivers. We believe our staff and drivers are the key to our long term success. We even have a team of mechanists to work on our own in-house mechanical workshop. Their job is to maintain all of our trucks and attend to all emergency situations. This has helped us speed up delivery and reduce costly delay to our clients.

All of our trucks are radio controlled to base and equipped with mobile phones. We also utilise the latest technology in vehicle monitoring and tracking. With GPS Vehicle Tracking System, it allows us to locate our trucks quickly where ever they are and advise our customers the status of their cargo on the spot.

At King Container Transport, we continue to look for ways to enhance our customers’ experience. We have recently completely re-designed and improved our website to be more informative and useful. Customers can now submit Online Quote Request from our website and brokers can also submit their jobs online as well. This will save our customers and brokers time and effort.

In addition, the company has recently implemented a new Logistic Management System. This system has allowed King Container Transport to streamline our operations procedure and speedup our container delivery process.